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Discover the breathtaking beauty of the cosmos, captured through the lens of award-winning nature photographer, Ari Rex. With technical mastery and an eye for detail, Ari's stunning landscapes and astro-art photography transport you to another world. From the majestic dance of lightning to the hypnotic allure of water droplets, his collections capture moments that are both mesmerizing and awe-inspiring. Each piece is a testament to his passion for photography and astronomy, as well as his commitment to sharing his knowledge with the world. Bring the wonders of the universe into your home with a stunning piece of Ari's work on your wall. ​


Style your home or office with an eye-catching print or purchase a unique gift for someone special in your life. Fast shipping to anywhere in the world!

About Ari Rex

Ari Rex Ari Rex is an international award-winning photographer based in Canberra. He is regarded as a leading professional in his field.
Ari's work has been showcased in various publications and galleries worldwide. His photographs capture the ethereal beauty of the cosmos and nature highlighting his technical mastery and eye for detail.
If you are looking for quality artwork that tell a story, look no further, these are some of Ari's best works.
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